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Varanasi is known as the most prestigious city of Uttar Pradesh (the largest province of India). And Gemologists, gemstone dealers, and jewellers of Varanasi regard IIGL as the "Best Gem Stone Testing Laboratory" Of Uttar Pradesh.

As per the citizens, gemologists, gemstone traders, and prestigious jewellers of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is not only the city of temples and cultural capital of India but also the hub of ancient knowledge( "Prachin vidyas") such as astrology, astronomy, yoga, ayurved, etc. And among them one special is...

Gemology is a technic to identify precious gem stones like diamonds, topaz, ruby, pristine coines etc. from among ordinary glasses, stones, and metals. Varanasi has been the center of gemology, gemstone trades, and commerce. In the Vedic and medieval periods, gemologists used the traditional method to verify and identify gemstones. Nowadays they use high tech lab of...

It is the most popular laboratory for gem testing in Varanasi. The lab of IIGL is highly advanced and is equipped with the ultra-modern and sophisticated technology of gemological science.

Most Prestigious Gemstone Testing Lab In Varanasi

Established in 2017, IIGL became the top laboratory for gemstone testing and gemology training services. Our lab is outfitted with the most advanced scientific gem testing tools and equipments. Our lab consists of highly educated and trained gemologists of international level. Gemologists of IIGL are able to deliver testing and issuance of certifications in the shortest viable time frame. Citizens, gem traders & jewelers of Banaras have shown their trust in our certifications and appreciated our services.

Fastest Growing International Laboratory Of Uttar Pradesh For Gem Testing In Varanasi

The network of gemological laboratories and franchises of IIGL is growing fast. IIGL has opened labs and franchises in all major cities of Uttar Pradesh including Banaras for testing, authentication and certification of precious gemstones like diamond, ruby, topaz etc and Rudraksh. The number of gem traders, jewelers and students of gemology is consistently increasing to join IIGL.

Gem Testing Services Training Institutes

We offer testing, identification, grading and certification services for colored stone, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, Rudraksh etc. To ensure 100% accuracy of test result, our quality control team regularly check & verify the optimal functionality of our machine & equipments. We always update & upgrade techniques and appliances of our labs as per latest technology, so that we can provide the best service to our customers. Here is the brief list of our services

  1. DIAMOND GRADING REPORTS: Diamond is a strong, rigid three-dimensional structure that results in an infinite network of atoms. It’s not easy for non-veteran jeweler to grade. It needs highly professional team with advanced modern technology. We provide grading report with certificate.
  5. TRAINING INSTITUTE: We are a team of top professionals and best gemologists and have a large spacious high-tech advanced laboratory. We provide the training session of gem study with a valid certificate approved by governing authorities to students aspiring for career in gemology.

Our Characteristics which set us apart from the rivals

  1. IIGL is the best company for genuineness testing of diamonds and other gemstones. We have numerous branches in India and are fastest developed lab network. IIGL has 10+ yr of experience in gemology. We are trusted and prestigious company in Varanasi for gem testing services.
  2. We have the minimum possible service charges of gemstone testing. We want to make a long lasting good relation with you by quality and affordability of our services.
  3. We use highly advanced and sophisticated technology for testing gemstones. Old,or traditional methods of gem test, identification and certification is not efficient and useful now. Out-dated technic of gem testing always generates error and gives faulty result.
  4. Company has a team of highly skilled professionals & international gemologists who are extremely popular to serve the clients with perfection, professionalism and speed.
  5. Majority of gem traders, jewelers and clients from Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) have approved and rated IIGL as the best laboratory of Varanasi for gem testing and certification.

Precautions For Gemstones Buyers

21 century is an era of artificial intelligence and unprecedented technologies. Science & technology has also influenced gem trades and markets. There is abundance of synthetic, treated and artificial products in markets which resembles diamonds, topazes, rubies etc. These artificial gemstones attract people by their color and beauty.

Stimulant and synthetic glass products resembling gemstones are prepared with advanced technology, of modern era. Therefore it becomes very difficult to differentiate between originals or fakes for buyers. There for gem stones buyers must be fully alert against being cheated.