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IIGL is the India's #1 gem testing lab and gemological institute in Kolkata

The Lab of IIGL Kolkata (The Institute of International Gemological Laboratory Kolkata) is the best lab in India to test the authenticity of gemstones.

It depends upon the type of gemstones, its quantity and other factors also. The cost of gem testing starts from Rs. 500.

To test your gemstones, visit the lab of IIGL Kolkata (The Institute of International Gemological Laboratory Kolkata). Here is the address of the gem testing laboratory in Kolkata:

Test your gemstones or verify your diamond grading report at IIGL lab at Kolkata 

Test your gemstones or diamond jewellery at IIGL lab in Kolata before buying. Are you planning to purchase gemstone jewelry? Please be alert. Kolkata is one of the largest markets of jewellery in Asia. There are lots of fake, artificial and treated gemstones in markets. The gemstones buyers like you cannot identify the fake gems. Therefore, it's essential to verify the authenticity and quality of your precious stones before purchasing. Otherwise you can incur heavy financial loss.

IIGL's high-tech gem testing lab protects you from fraud 

The Institute of International Gemological Laboratory (IIGL) Kolkata is the perfect lab to test your gems. The IIGL's laboratory is equipped with modern gemological lab technology. It offers comprehensive gemological services that protect you from frauds in gem trading. 

Our gemstone testing features and experiences

Explore what sets IIGL apart from others in gemstone testing and certification services: 

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: IIGL employs state-of-the-art equipment and modern techniques to provide precise gemstone assessments.
  • Trusted Expertise: IIGL's gemological experts are known for their impartiality and precision. They specialize in identifying gemstone types, grading quality, and detecting treatments or enhancements.
  • Comprehensive Services: IIGL offers a wide range of gemological services, including certification, which is vital for buying, selling, and insuring gemstones.
  • Educational Initiatives: IIGL is committed to sharing its knowledge with gem enthusiasts and professionals, enhancing their understanding of gemology.
  • Minimum free. IIGL charges the lowest possible amount from customers to verify gemstones.

Verify the reports of following gemstones at IIGL lab in Kolkata

Bengalis' love for jewelry and precious stones is legendary. Before making a purchase, it's prudent to test the following gemstone types for authenticity:

  • Diamonds: Kolkata's love for brilliance should be backed by authentication. Verify the authenticity and quality of your diamonds.
  • Sapphires: Deep blue and mysterious, sapphires deserve scrutiny to ensure they're genuine.
  • Rubies: The passionate red of rubies enchants, but verifying their authenticity is essential.
  • Emeralds: Kolkata's love for green is mirrored in emeralds, but distinguishing natural from synthetic is key.
  • Pearls: Tradition meets modernity in Kolkata's love for pearls; ensure they're genuine.

IIGL Kolkata : Your guardian against artificial gemstones

In today's gemstone market, finding a trusted gemological lab is more important and difficult than ever. IIGL Kolkata offers the expertise and precision required to verify the authenticity and quality of all gemstone types:

  • Comprehensive Gemstone Identification: Our gemological experts excel in accurately identifying various gemstone types, ensuring transparency.
  • Quality Assessment: We evaluate gemstone quality based on internationally recognized criteria, providing insights into their value.
  • Gemstone Certification: IIGL provides detailed reports as official records of your gemstones' characteristics, including authenticity, quality, and any treatments or enhancements.

Advantages of gems authentication: 

Authentication of gems by IIGL Kolkata offers several benefits:

  • Protection from fraud: With counterfeit gems prevalent in the market, our verification services protect you from costly mistakes.
  • Enhanced value: Knowing the true quality of your gemstones empowers you to make informed decisions and ensures your investment holds its value over time.
  • Peace of mind: IIGL's certification provides peace of mind, whether you're buying, selling, or insuring your gemstones.

Before venturing into Kolkata's gemstone market, focus on gemstone identification and certification. IIGL Kolkata is your reliable partner in ensuring the authenticity and quality of the gemstones you choose. Don't let deceptive practices dim your gemstone dreams.