Even though it took time for IGL to get its name registered in a few selected laboratories. After doing many experiments since 2004, the founder and manager of the organization, Sri surojit Banerjee and and sri jaynarayn singh established IIGL in 2017 with detailed management and modern equipment. And they were very interested in the experiments and their results in gems and jewellery.

Due to good experience, he completed his studies as a gemologist and started a small gem testing service. In gemological services, the finished jewellery, natural diamonds, colored gems and Rudraksha are tested and the report is verified. We have taken the lead in providing gemological training to professionals and students, shopkeepers, growers and general public.

Contact us to join us and become our partner or to improve our franchise branch and services. Our efficiency, integrity and ideas have earned us all your trust. Our colleagues and researchers continue to expand their experience and skills. Many thanks from the INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORY family for choosing us.

Our Mission

IIGL is a self-reliant and independent gemological laboratory centre which is equipped with utmost equipment and is an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization. Here at IIGL gem testing reports are provided after certifying the authenticity of all types of gems, rudraksh, diamonds, etc. IIGL Chief Executive Director and Manager of the organization believes that in his initial phase from 2004 to 2010, there was not so much fraud in the market. Which is going on nowadays. Due to which the entire market is infamous.

Like MonzoniteCVD, TREATED and GLASS FILS in Diamond which were very difficult to detect, which today we are able to identify by UV, VIS, NIR and SPECTRO METER. Similarly, we test the fake LABGROW like GLASS FILLINGS, HEATED, TREATED and COLOR FILLINGS etc. coming in GEMS STONE by state-of-the-art lab equipments and provide reports.

After 2010, the revelations of rigging in the gem and diamond trade started coming to light. Which had a very bad effect on the market and some small and big companies in India proved to be fugitives. Finally, in 2016-2017, Mehul Choksi's company Gitanjali and Nirav Modi's company Nakshatra also closed down. Then we decided and started a small project, the result of which is IIGL which today remains the subject of your trust.

Our aim is to reach the common people and provide gemological services at reasonable prices, make customers aware and connect educated people, only then we can be successful in stopping the frauds happening gems trading, this is our objective.

Our Vision

Our gemological services are very simple and helpful as compared to other gem testing laboratories and gem education and training centers. Because our gemstones certification reports are reliable, you can choose us before proceeding to purchase any gems, jewellery or diamonds. We have put togetherour 17 years of gemological work experience of which you are also a part.

IIGL is known for its exquisite detailing and precise design. As we release thousands of reports annually, my confidence grows even further and the good experiences demonstrate unmatched synergy. For joining us and trusting us. The IIGL family sincerely thanks you. Committed to providing proper analysis and accurate proof to the customers for pure authenticity.

Our recently opened franchises & branches

  1. IIGL Kolkata
  2. IIGL Varanasi
  3. IIGL Tata Nagar
  4. IIGL Bhubaneshwar
  5. IIGL Brahampur